About Lumariver

Lumariver makes specialized software tools for the quality conscious photographer.

We are a small group of software development specialists that also have a passionate interest in photography. In Lumariver we combine this and make software that solves challenges we encounter ourself in our own photography. We can truthfully say that our software is made for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

Lumariver is located in Sweden and owned by Xarepo AB.


Lumariver Profile Designer 2

Contrary to popular belief, the camera profile rather than the camera sensor is the key factor in how colors appear in our digital photographs. However, due to legacy thinking rooted in the analog days, camera manufacturers and raw converter makers still feed us with "canned looks". As a result colors are unpredictable, tuned to someone else's taste, so when you move between camera models or raw converters your color expression is forced to change with it.

We think that there is a better solution: break free from the canned looks and take control over your own color expression by making your own camera profiles. You get a good stable baseline for your own post-processing, regardless of camera brand or model, regardless of which raw converter or video editor you choose to use.

What's new since version 1? Check out the version history for the details. There are many new features, new correction algorithm, triple illuminant support, and also support for video-related workflows, but workflow and look and feel stays the same and compatibilty with old projects is maintained.

Lumariver Profile Designer 2 is a software that makes profiles for your camera stills or video (and scanners too), in DNG Camera Profile (DCP), ICC format, or Cube LUT format, thus supporting almost all raw converters and video editors on the market. Like any profile maker it can be used for reproduction (copying artwork and similar), but it's also specifically designed to make great general-purpose profiles which provide both accurate and attractive colors. Profiles ideal for any subject — portrait, product, documentary, wildlife, landscape, architecture, etc — and serves as a sane realistic baseline for your creative post-processing.

While being the most advanced profile design software on the market it has well-tuned default settings which makes it easy for the casual user to make a profile in only a few button presses.

It is well documented including simple step-by-step guides for the casual user, and advanced tutorials for users that want to drill deeper into the finer details of profile making — a task that is both science and art. Lumariver Profile Designer takes the art aspect seriously and provides the tools needed to actively design your profile.

The software is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. See the feature list in the user manual, have a look at the introduction video below (the video was made for version 1, but the basic workflow presented in the video works the same for version 2) and download to try it out.

Lumariver Depth of Field

The Lumariver Depth of Field Calculator (Luma­river DoF) is an app for your mobile device that helps you maxi­mize the sharp­ness of your photo­graphs. It's pri­marily intended for landscape, architecture and similar photography genres where the goal is to have a sharp image front to back. It's designed for being a practical tool in the field, and it has a thorough user manual that describes how it's used in real use cases.

There are lots of Depth of Field apps out there, but none that fulfilled our own requirements for our own photography needs — to actually be used smoothly and effectively in the field when shooting, both using normal and tilt-shift lenses. That's why we made this app.

It's available for Android and iOS and the user interface is optimized for one-hand operation on mobile phones, but it also works on tablets.


Below is a short video than quickly runs through the main aspects of the user interface. Note that the configuration screens are not shown in the video.


Lumariver Profile Designer 2

Here you can download Lumariver Profile Designer 2. The downloaded software is fully functional except for saving projects and exporting profiles. To be able to save your work you need to purchase a license below.

This is a new major version and thus requires purchasing a new license key, there is an upgrade discount for version 1 owners. Version 1 will also still work and version 2 can be installed in parallel, so you can choose to stay on version 1 for now, and/or install version 2 in parallel to try out new features before upgrading.

Download Lumariver Profile Designer 2.0.4 for MacOS

Download Lumariver Profile Designer 2.0.4 for Windows

Purchase a Lumariver Profile Designer license

You may install the software on as many computers as you want as long as it's you that uses the software. The license stays valid for bug fixes and minor version upgrades. Here is the End User License Agreement: EULA. It's a standard one with the usual disclaimers.

We handle purchases through 2checkout. When you make a purchase you will get an email with the license key sent to you (it's automatic so it's processed immediately, but please have patience for some email delivery delays). Then you copy-and-paste your email address and license key into the software and you can start working right away. The license key comes as a text file attachment, it can be hard to see in some email clients, so look carefully.

The software is segmented into three different editions with increasing amount of functionality. See the user manual for a detailed description on exactly what differs (you may also test the different editions when running in trial mode). Users that only do still photography and don't do reproduction work will most likely choose the Standard edition, users that also (or only) does video work and thus needs Cube LUT support will choose the Pro edition, and users that want the unlimited edition which also includes reproduction features such as a 3D LUT for color correction, custom and free-form targets and multi-target will get the Repro edition.

Purchase license key for Lumariver Profile Designer 2 editions:

Upgrade from version 1

Pricing for upgrading from previous version 1.x or from 2.x lower to higher editions below. Note that the editions changed from 1.x to 2.x. The entry level Basic edition is gone as it was not very popular, instead it's replaced by Standard which corresponds to 1.x Pro. The 2.x Pro also includes support for the Cube format, ie makes video workflows possible in addition to still images. As before, Repro is the full unlimited version.

Upgrades are also handled automatically. To upgrade you need to have a pre-existing license key tied to an email address. Enter that email below and press the "See Available Upgrades" button, which will then transport you to a page at our payment partner which shows you which upgrades that are available for your current license, and there you can choose to buy an upgrade and get the license key delivered automatically through email.


Manual upgrade (if auto doesn't work)

Some older licenses are stored in an old manually operated system, and for those the automatic upgrade above will not work, unfortunately. Try your email in the automatic procedure first, and if it doesn't work you can upgrade manually. Make sure which license you have, and pick one of the upgrades the license is entitled for below, and after payment send us an email, then we will manually generate a new key and send it to you. No funds are withdrawn until we deliver, which is during Swedish office hours. (After upgrade the license is in the new system.)

As described above, don't forget to send us an email after you have bought a manual upgrade as we unfortunately don't get notified automatically.

Lumariver Depth of Field

The Lumariver Depth of Field calculator app is distributed via Google Play for Android, and Apple's App Store for iOS. Click the links or start the store app and search for "lumariver" and you will find it.

Legacy software

For those that still use our older software, here you can download if you have lost it and need to re-install. We cannot guarantee that it works on the latest operating systems.

Old manuals: